R&D Direction

As a total solution provider in power and automation industry, our R&D Group focuses on activating existing businesses, securing growth engines for the green and next-generation businesses, and maximizing R&D performance and efficiency.
In particular, we are working to secure core competencies to gain 1st mover advantage in the smart energy market and focusing R&D capacity to build a foundation for next generation businesses such as HVDC. We operate R&D centers in 4 domestic locations and 1 overseas(Shanghai, China).
The Power Testing & Technology Institute is engaged in improving technological competitiveness.

  • R&D Campus in AnyangAdvanced Technology  R&D Center of photoFocuses on gaining competitive advantages through development of next generation platforms
  • Electric Technology R&D Center in CheongjuElectro Technology R&D Center of photoLeading technology in electric industry and continuously developing future-growth dynamic engines
  • Automation R&D Center
    in Cheonan
    Automation R&D Center of photoServes as the main Research Institute for LSIS
  • Power Testing & Technology
    Institute in Cheongju
    Shanghai R&D Center of photoInternationally-renowned testing center that has formed partnerships with the UL, CE, KEMA and CESI for carrying out joint assessments
  • HVDC R&D Center in BusanBeijing R&D Center of photoServes as the High Voltage Direct Current Solutions for LSIS
  • R&D Center in ShanghaiBeijing R&D Center of photoR&D Headquarter in China and specialized research institute for low voltage power devices and AC drives


LSIS R&D Center that leads in technologies and markets in the industry through securing new technologies and contributing to the creation of new future state-of-the-art growth engines


  • R&D and commercialization of new technologies, next generation technologies, and future growth engines
  • Providing solutions to technical obstacles encountered by operational divisions.
  • Ensuring perfect quality control in research findings


Jan. 2016 Establishment of LSIS R&D Campus in Anyang
Apr. 2011 Establishment of HVDC R&D Center in Busan
Oct. 2008 Establishment of R&D Center in Shanghai, China
Sep. 2008 Establishment of R&D Center in Cheonan, Korea
Mar. 2005 Renamed from LG to LS Industrial Systems
Nov. 1992 Establishment of Electro Technology R&D Center in Cheongju, Korea
Jul. 1987 Establishment of Central R&D Institute in Anyang, Korea

R&D Investment

In order to maintain our competitive advantage and prepare for the future, LSIS has been expanding R&D investment every year.
We invest around 6% of sales to R&D and focus on developing next-generation products, products and technologies for new businesses and core technologies to lead us into the future

(Unit : USD in millions)

Category 2012 2013 2014 2015
Total R&D expenditure 87 89 90 89
R&D expenditure/sales 6.1% 5.8% 6.0% 6.1%

Strengthening R&D Capacity

LSIS conducts open recruitment in order to attract and develop outstanding R&D talent in a timely manner, and Lab Tours of major universities in the power and electricity field for early recruitment of talent. For recruited talent, we provide R&D mentoring and on the job training to help new hires adjust and gain a sense of membership early on and help them grow into key talent through systematic training. In order to build a performance-based culture and motivate R&D staff, we reward researchers with excellent accomplishments in fields such as research papers, patents, open culture, Partnership & Presentation, product development and technology research.

The Field of R&D


Corporate Technologies

< Main Research Area >
- S/W Infra: S/W Control Tower, Standards development for S/W
- System H/W: development of designated chips (FPGA, ASIC, SoC)
- System N/W: N/W Control Tower, Standards development for N/W,
- Materials: Analysis of materials for products, Introduction of new materials

< Advanced Research Area>
- IoT, Big Data, Cloud

※ FPGA: Field Programmable Gate Array,
    ASIC : Application Specific IC
    SoC: System on Chip

Technologies for Energy New Biz

< Main Research Area >
- HVDC: development of HVDC & FACTS
- System S/W: EMS, DMS, SCADA, xEMS Water Management Solution

< Advanced Research Area>
- Micro Grid 
- Distributed Generation
- DR(Demand Response)

※ FACTS: Flexible AC Transmission Systems
    SCADA: Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition
    DMS: Distribution Management System

Power Grid

< Main Research Area >
- Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)
- Power Transformers
- Remote Monitoring & Diagnosis Systems

< Advanced Research Area>
- IoT, Big Data based Asset Management

Power Distribution

< Main Research Area >
- Switchgear (SWGR)
- Vacuum Circuit Breakers (VCB)
- Air Circuit Breakers (ACB)
- Molded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB)
- Magnetic Contactors (MC)

< Advanced Research Area>
- IoT based smart devices

Automation & Drive

< Main Research Area >
- Variable Frequency Drives: Low Voltage, Medium Voltage
- PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)
- HMI (Human Machine Interface)
- Servo Drive & Motor
- DCS (Distributed Control System)
- RTU (Remote Terminal Unit)

< Advanced Research Area>
- Smart Factory (Industry 4.0)

Opening of the Anyang R&D Campus

LSIS opened a new R&D center in Anyang in January 2015 to secure state-of-the-art infrastructure for R&D capacity enhancement. The R&D center was designed with the concept of communication, fun, and creativity, in which our capabilities in smart grid were fully introduced. This cutting-edge building provides a creative environment for LSIS researchers to pursue R&D.


Name LSIS R&D Campus
Occupancy - Maximum 660 persons
- Total 530 seats
Building area - 28,691 ㎡ 
- 9 ground floor /3 basement floor
company building
BEMSBuilding Energy Management System

Operational Philosophy

Change of Mindset & Action
Improvement of Efficiency &Productivity